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Congratulations on completing your VitalityPlanner assessment! By now you’ve received and read part or all of your Personalized Vitality Guide. Be sure to refer back through your specific recommendations to help you on the road to vitality.

Click to watch again (or for the first time) your welcome video from Robert Sheeler, M.D.

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The Hidden Dangers of Belly Fat

Do you know the hidden dangers of belly fat?

Watch our video to learn about body types, hip/waist ratio and how to measure a few simple numbers to help make positive changes to your health.

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Are All Healthy Fats The Same?

There was a time when we thought all fats were bad. Watch our video to find out the differences between Omega 3 fats, which suppress inflammation, and Omega 6 fats, which may increase inflammation. Learn about what fats to eat more of and which to reduce and avoid!

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10 Essentials for Health and Wellness

Simple principles can have large benefits for you. That’s the logic behind the TriVita Ten Essentials.

Find out how they can help you every day by watching our video below.

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Protect Your Cells with Food

People who get a variety of antioxidants everyday boost their health in many ways. Watch our next video and find out key ways to improve your antioxidant intake.

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How to Minimize the Effects of Stress

Some types of stress are worse than others, and some people respond to stress differently. See where you fit on the stress response curve and what to do about it.

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The Benefits of High Intensity Exercise

Learn how high-intensity exercise can benefit your brain and other tissues by activating pathways other types of exercise cannot. Click below to watch!

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